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Monday, April 18, 2011

Charlaine Harris "Dead in the Family"

Charlaine Harris announced recently that she was a few books from completing the Sookie Stackhouse series. I read "Dead in the Family" and though I like the book, you can see that the end is soon.  Sookie is now lover, girlfriend to Eric Northman, vampire sheriff of the area and I wonder where that relationship is leading.  I was a firm advocate of the books compared to the HBO True Blood series but now I think the storyline in the TV series has more intrigue and depth. 

As usual the story in the book is in first person and Sookie is having vamp trouble again with Eric's maker coming to visit.  Harris likes to put some historic person in her books, like Bubba being Elvis who's crossover didn't go well, now she has one of the Romanov's who was rescued by Eric's  maker.  The beginning of the book is slow but it picks up and I couldn't put it down.  Her books are so easy to read that time isn't a real issue when reading them. Alcide and the weres are back in this book along with Claude, the brother of Claudine who died in the last book.  There are some faeries who were left in our world after the closing portal between faerie and here.   Sookie doesn't end up injured in "Dead in the Family" as she has in some of the past books. 

If you are a devote fan of Sookie Stackhouse than you will enjoy this installment.

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