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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Season Finale Episode of True Blood: Total Disaster!

True Blood has come into our lives and now is gone forever. I would be so sad if not for the finale episode was one of the worst I ever watched! Truely, the writers could have come up with a better ending. I will tell you my ideas that would have at least satisfied most of the vigalent viewers.

First scenario would be that Sookie wakes up from a coma and realizes that she had dreamed about vampires. Remember in the first season Sookie is beaten up by the Rattray couple? Bill gives her som some of his blood and saves her life. What if that never happened? Sam could have found her and called 911. 

Second scenario, Bill becomes HUMAN again. He was a God for awhile in season 6 as the chosen one by Lilith, the first vampire.  In the finale, Bill is dying from contractind the EIP V from Sookie but I thought that the Governor who sabotaged all the True Blood drinks wouldn't have wanted to endanger mankind with this disease. I realize that viruses mutate but vampires are dead and not human so you wouldn't think it would jump species. I know I'm getting to technical when this is just make believe, but I do want a little bit of common sense even in a television series. With Sookie being Fae, the disease shouldn't have gotten it and who did she contract it from? It wasn't revealed in the episode and remember she was able to hear Bill's thoughts when she never could listen to the minds of vampires. I was disappointed when she helped in his suicide.

I like the ending of the book series by Charlaine Harris, Sookie realizes that she has always loved Sam and Sam has always loved her so they end up together in the finale book. She has had many difficult relationships with vampires in the book. In the book series Sookie and Eric Northman are a couple but he later gets betrothed to another vampire. So Sookie turns to Sam. I know that in the television show, Sam has a pregnant girlfriend, Nicole who is human and leaves Bon Temps with her so to raise their child in a less chaotic place.

So in conclusion I just have to say to all television series writers of television shows that were based on a popular sci-fi/fantasy books is don't be in a hurry to to tell the final episode.  The ending needs to make sense to the audience. I know there has to be creative license but the finale of True Blood was a disaster, very sloppy and hastily written.