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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Angus Wells author of "The GodWars" trilogy

Every now and again I will hunt through my library looking for something to read. I will look through the books searching with my mood, what am I into reading?  I decided on an older series that I haven't read for many years and I forgot what the ending was, Angus Wells, Dark Magic, book one.

Angus Wells wrote two trilogies, the Godwars and The Book of Kingdoms.  The GodWars series,  I think is well written but it follows in the vain of the heroes journey where a mismatch group goes through insurmountable odds to obtain their goal in the end.

The main  character is Calandryll Den Karynth,  the second son of the Domm of Secca who we read early on is a disappointment to his father.  Calandryll's older brother, Tobias is the heir apparent so the Domm decides that his younger son will become a priest as not to be a threat to his elder son's succession.  At this point in the book,  Calandryll is more of a scholar who's head is always in the books rather than a warrior like his elder sibling.

There's a treaty being worked out between Secca and a neighboring city state Aldarin through the ambassador of the latter, Lord Varent den Tarl.  This man will become the instigator to the quest who is also a fair wizard and more.  He enlist Calandryll's help to find a book that has the potential of awaken the war god, Tharn. He tells Calandryll that he wants to destroy the book but I had a hunch there was more to Varent's story. Even though I have read this book in it's entirety, I couldn't remember much of the storyline.

In the meantime Calandryll is shocked to find out that the woman he secretly loves is being bethrothed to his brother and that he will be going to the temple to become a priest.  Before Callandryll knows all this, he seeks out a seer who can foretell his future. She sees him on a life changing path and travel as on a quest with two others.

Through rage and fustration after hearing his fate from his father, Calandryll goes out and ends up in a tavern in the seedy part of town. He meets one of the two in a tavern where he almost gets beat up for not having any money for the wine he drank.  Calandryll is saved by Bracht of Kern, a freesword who later is hired by Varent to help Calandryll's journey to the far reaches in search of the Arcanum.  Later in the book, the third member of the party, Katya of Vanu is added to the quest.

A long time ago the original gods of this world had to entomb their two sons who had been at war with each other after seeing how much devastation this was causing the world. The Arcanum is an ancient book that has spells that can release them from their slumber.

The trilogy follows the three who now have become friends through the ends of their knowledge of the world and back with the finding of the book. Throughout the series it is said that they are pre-destined by the gods. And they do get help from the younger gods who earn their existence to the demise of the slumbering ones.  In the end the questers have to figure how to keep Tharn asleep forever.

Hunter X Hunter, anime

In the last few years I have been really interested in Anime, Japanese Animation. I watch them because of the content, humor, and the Japanese language is interesting. I watch either in subtitles in English or English dubbed. My recent find is Hunter X Hunter watched through Crunchyroll app on iPAd.

Hunter X Hunter is about a young 12 year old boy, Gon who wants to be a hunter like his father. When Gon finds out that his father isn't dead, he sets out to become a hunter. Gon want to find his father so he can ask the question, "why did you leave me?"  The Hunter exam is brutal but along the way  he meets other applicants who become his friends. Each boy hass their own reasons for taking the exam to be a hunter. On a boat to the island Gon meets, Leorio and Kurapika. They inadvertantly join up and save a sailor who goes overboard during a storm. Because of their joint effort they pass a test to go to the next step of the Hunter exam. They later befriend another boy, Killua who is the same age as Gon. 

The first 20 episodes are of the Hunter Exam.  Crunchyroll has 120 episodes for free. 
Hunter X Hunter started out as a manga (Japanese Comic) in March 3, 1998 in Shuesiha magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump. The series is illustrated and written by Yoshihiro Togashi.  Yoshihiro Togashi came up with the name of the manga while watching a variety show, Downtown on the television. The host would repeat his words to get a laugh from the audience. There are 340 chapters published in chapter collection in Japan.

I recommend this anime for all ages who love adventure stories with humor, action, and drama.

Image- copyright Yoshihiro Togashi