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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sholan Series

I started rereading Lisanne Norman's Sholan World Series and I am just as interested as when I first bought the book many years ago.  She definitely had readers envisioning the Sholan home world and you forget that one of the main characters in feline in appearance. 
When I first read the book the main character, Carrie Hamilton, was annoying.  I realize now that it is Norman's great depiction of a immature woman who was raised in an agrarian society where woman are important to proliferate the world of Keiss by getting married and bearing children. 
Lisanne Norman reminds me of Robert Jordan where there are many characters and subplots.  Unlike him, Norman keeps the main characters in every book.  The series flows through the trials and tribulations of Carrie and Kusac (the Sholan character).
If you haven't read this series before pick up a used copy and read "Turning Point", the first book in the series. Kusac is part of a military on a scouting mission, he is telepathic. The scouting ship is shot upon by the Valtegans who have commandered the planet from the colonist and turned it into a R and R planet for their troops. Kusac is left when he sustained an injury and through his telepathy finds Carrie who is close to dying because her telepathic link to her sister is cut, sister is killed.

I know a very involved plot.  Norman weaves this plot for 8 books. All have an extensive plot and sub-plots to them.  If I peak your interest, pick up a copy and have fun reading!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lisanne Norman new Sholan series book, Shades of Gray

For all you fans of Lisanne Norman, she has finally published her the next installment of her Sholan Series called Shades of Gray. I am going to definitely read this and give my review on it.
Check out Barnes and Noble synopsis of her latest book@

Monday, February 7, 2011

Silver Borne- Patricia Briggs

I haven't been reading much books lately but saw the latest Mercy Thompson book by Patricia Briggs and bought it. I wasn't disappointed, I liked it.  I read the book in two days.
The story line if you haven't read any of the Mercy Thompson series, is about Mercy who shape shifts into a coyote.  She is a auto mechanic and is bonded to the local Alpha werewolf, Adam.  Her roommate is Samuel, who is centuries old and also a werewolf.  He tries to commit suicide but the wolf in him takes over. 
Mercy is in trouble with the Fae again, they want a book that a local bookstore owner who is part Fae loaned to her. 
It has usual violence that is associated with fantasy action novels.not excessive.  There really isn't any sex in this book or any of the Mercy Thompson series.  It is an easy read with good characterization, plot is acceptable since this is a fantasy novel, and story is good. 
The Mercy Thompson books run along the Laurell K Hamilton and Charlain Harris books with the timeline in the novels being compressed to a couple of days.  The novels take up after a few weeks or months so the whole series time line is a few years. These books have much going on, in the plot and the action of characters.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

True Blood Season 3

True Blood season 3 was so exciting yet was so removed from Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series. The mixture of books was confusing to the veteran reader but I have talked to the tv viewers of True Blood and they love the storyline.
I was taken aback by the introduction of the faeries so early in the season. In the book, Sookie life is saved by a faerie named Claudine, a boxen tall brunette. She says she Sookie's fairy godmother.
I still don't like that Eric isn't his randy self in the television series who wants to get into Sookie's panties. He is so much more serious in the HBO series and with his vendetta against Russell Edington who is the King of Mississippi.
I'm anticipating Season 4 will be more the same with deviating from the book.