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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Flash, the television series

I was skeptical about watching the Flash on Netflix. I had never read the comic book so didn't have a clue what to expect. It is amazing! Really, I would recommend to anyone who likes action/hero themed television shows or movies. Coming in to this series without any pre-knowledge wasn't a hinderance to watching the Flash.

The series starts at the beginning on how he obtained the super power of speed. There is also background on his life and as the series progresses, you see the background of the other characters as well. It's funny yet it can be very sad that it can make a grown man teary eyed. The only problem I had with this series was the way the character of Barry Allen, the Flash was developed. He could be so emotional and not think things through. I also found some holes in the script as I watched the series. I figured some clues out before the characters did. But I have to say it was a thought provoking series, really. My husband and I would discuss what was happening and share our thoughts about some of the mysteries in the series, like who Dr. Wells really is or who is the Reverse Flash.

What is nice about the Flash, is that the first season dealt with one problem with a cliff hanger then the second season started with the cliff hanger and introduced another villain. We watched the second season on Amazon Prime since we don't have cable so now we"ll have to wait a year to see it again which is a bummer! I can't wait till season 3!