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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

True Blood Season 4 episode 1 RECAP

I couldn't wait for the new season of HBO True Blood but I'm on the fence if I liked it or not.  First it was totally not the Charlaine Harris 4th novel, Dead to the World.  It starts out with Sookie Stackhouse in Faerie and she meets up with her grandfather Earl who thinks it's only been a few days when in reality, he's been in Faerie for 20 years! She comes back to Bon Temps and it's been a year!
Where was Eric Northman running naked by the side of the rode when Sookie rescues him and realizes he has amnesia? I would have loved to see Alexander Skarsgard running naked, wouldn't you?
I have a feeling that this season will be more unlike the books than the previous ones.
Bill is now King of Louisiana territory after killing the queen,Sophie-Anne.  Jason is a full fledged Deputy Sheriff, Andy Bellefleur is hooked on V, Tara is now boxing "Box Eater" with an assumed name "Toni", Eric bought Sookies house while she was gone in Faerie because he knew she was still alive and wanted nothing to stand in his way of her (she now can't rescind his welcome to her house), and Lafayette is in a witch coven with some weird witches, oh and good old Sam now hangs out with fellow shifters to curb his anger.
All is so different but I have to think of it as a new series not one that mirrors the Charlaine Harris books.