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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

True Blood has a new character

I must say that this new character, Portia Bellefleur is suppose to be a female version of her brother, Andy. HBO True Blood series is doing it's best to change what is mainly in the books, so Portia is going to be played by Courtney Ford from the series Dexter.
Courtney Ford is way good looking to being playing Portia, can't there be ordinary looking people in this show?  In the books, Sookie isn't liked by Portia who looks down on our Bon Temps heroine.  The Bellefleurs are an old southern family that used to be high society but are down on their luck and have to work for a living. I wonder if they will change Portia's character from the book?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Haven't finished a novel!

I haven't finished two books I started reading.  I'm not sure if it's the books are just me.
 The latest book by S.L.Viehl is just to annoying, I thought when she had Cherijo's personality change due to the an accident, it was for good.  The original Cherijo was damn annoying and personality kind of grated on the nerves as the series went on.  The changed Cherijo who was known as Jarn was sooo much better character.  The Dream called time book is losing my interest for now so I haven't gone through half the book.
The next book not finished since I usually read more than one book at a time is Patricia Briggs, Masques.  It is her first book she published in 1993 and I think she re-edited it for this new publication.  The characters are good but the plot is set in a make believe land where they have magic and magical creatures. It's good, I'm almost done with the book but don't know when I'll be finished.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The end of the True Blood Season 3

It is over and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Can you believe Sooki has dumped Bill? Will she be with Eric or do you think that's never going to happen? In the book, Sookie does end up with him but she does have a fling with a were-tiger. Quinn, a character that doesn't last but could be interesting in the HBO series. Sookie is with him in two or is it three books. Eric though is a presence in every book.
Bill still loves Sookie and is always there for her. But I must say he is more interesting in the show than in the books. The writers for the show will keep his presence known with the marriage between the actors.
In the next book, witches put a hex on Eric and he looses his memory. Sookie, of course, helps him through the transition but in the book she kills Alcide's ex, Debbie, in the end. This season has seen Debbie but she'll be back. She's a good character to hate.
The whole thing with Sam irritates me to no end. His character in the tv show has changed with the introduction of his family. We find out through flashbacks that he was a theft and has killed before. In the books, Sam is a reliable were who is a stable character throughout the books. Where are they going with Sam?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

True Blood- Can't wait!

Listened to a True Blood podcast and found it lacking for my attention span so then I went on Youtube to watch some True Blood promotions for season 3. I then watch a few episodes from last season on my laptop. As I watch the show I realized I had forgotten some scenes from last season. It was like I was watch them a new.
I forgot about the scene when Lafayette gets blood from Eric and becomes all hyped up. I was able to listen more attentively than when I watch them before. There wasn't any distractions since I had my earbuds on and could pause anytime I wanted.
I now can't wait for next season. I found out who was to play Alcide the werewolf and I hope the character is portrayed as in the book. I wanted Sookie and Alcide to become a couple but that never happen at least not yet.

Who is going to play Alcide nasty girlfriend and will Tara be at the Club Dead with a vampire boyfriend? Probably not, I just wonder how the third book will be played in the series.

In the book, sookie has been dumped by Bill which we know didn't happen last season so how does she get over Bill? She meets her next love in the third book, Quinn, the weretiger. Quinn is a very tall, bald, seductive man who she gets to know better in a later book. I thought of him in lines with Vin Diesel myself, that's who I pictured when I was reading the book.

Tara has become a main character in the series that I haven't a clue what they will do with her in this season. She lost her love, Bugs, last season so will she be vulnerable to a vampires wiles? She is a messed up character but does have much potential.

Sam is another messed up character who never really gets over Sookie as his potential love interest. His character never is fully developed in the books, he's become a tight friend of Sookie's who is there when she needs him.

We wish they kept the character Bubba, who we know is really Elvis! He has a crucial part in the third book. We shall see all soon enough I guess.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meredith Gentry Series

I'm reading Laurell K Hamilton's Meredith Gentry book, Swallowing Darkness. I love all of Hamilton's books and this one is just as good. It is weird because she doesn't have any sex in it so far and all who read Hamilton's books know that she loads her books with sex and violence. All very related to the storyline but this latest paperback has no sex so far. Of course it's a fast pace book with a lot of action that there's not much time for sex.

Merry is pregnant with twins that were fathered by 6 male from fairy. Frost, one of the fathers was turned into a stag in the last book so he's not in the story. Swallowing Darkness is very exciting and easy to read. Can't wait for the next Anita Blake series on paperback. I try not to buy hardback books anymore.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new books

Lillith Saintcrow is such a good writer. I read her lastest Kismet series, Flesh Circus was the ever fast paced as her other books. I like Jill Kismet character as a hunter of the hellpawn. In the book our character is having relationship trouble along with her usual kicking ass of hellbreed and traders. A hellbreed circus in town and she has to keep the peace between them and a voodoo practioner. She kicks ass and manages to save the day. Great story and characters in the book.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bones Crossed by Patricia Briggs

Finish reading Bones Crossed and I found it entertaining as usual. Briggs' Mercy Thompson series so a fast read and addicting as well. Mercy has a run in with the local vampire, skips town to help a friend with a ghost and meets the local vampire in Spokane. She also realizes she is in love with the alpha werewolf. What is refreshing with Briggs' series is she doesn't write about sex, only the sexual tension between Mercy and Adam. Her next Mercy Thompson novel comes out in 3/30/2010, called Silver Borne. I'll have to wait until the paperback is publish so read it next year:(