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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Denver Comic Con 2012

Denver Comic Con is June 15-17 at the Denver Convention Center. You are wondering why I would blog about a comic con but when you think of it some of our favorite novels are also in graphic novel form and sci-fi/fantasy is included these conventions. Not interested, well how about seeing a celebrity from one of your favorite sc-fi/fantasy shows? Kristin Bauer, Pam the vampire from True Blood will be there and Wil Wheaton, child star of film and television is also appear at the Denver Comic Con. I'm not sure if they will be just signing autographs or having question and answer sessions but get your questions ready just in case. All of Trubies will want to know about Anna Paquin's pregnancy and the juicy behind the scene info about your favorite True Blood character. For the Star Trek fans, Wil Wheaton may talk about his experiences on the hit TV show. The only way in knowing what's going on is to be there, so have I enticed you yet? No? Have you ever wanted to be a Jedi? Nick Gillard, sword master, International stuntman, and Star Wars stuntman will be hosting Jedi Training Classes with his apprentice. How cool is that! Want to attend? Yes? Comic Con is also collaborating with Breckenridge Brewing to make a Super Beer yet unnamed. Colorado beer with your favorite comic, there's a contest on naming the beer, here's the link @ So go out and get your tickets for this inagural Denver Comic Con! Tickets sold online @

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Game of Thrones; episode 5, Ghosts of Harrenhal

The Clash of Kings is the name of the book seson 2 is referencing which we view it on the series there is many self-proclaimed kings. This episode starts with the death of King Renly, brother of deceased King Robert, he is stabbed by the black mist in the shape of a man namely Stannis Baratheom. You recall that the red she devil, Melisandre gave birth to this magical creature. Catelyn Stark and Renly's personal guard, Brienne where there in his tent when the mist congeled into a man and saw it stab Renly. Brienne then killed two outer guards when they rushed with swords ready to avenge their fallen king. On the advice of Catelyn, the two women run away, no one would believe their story but they don't stick around to find out. On the road, Brienne gives her oath to Catelyn, to protect her as she couldn't Renly. Arya is now the serving girl to Lord Lannister who wants to know where she is from, Arya lies at first but is found out but then user her Northern knowledge of bannerman and satisfies the Lord. She then finds one of the men who was in the cage, she realizes why when he asks her who she wants killed, he is indebted to her for not leaving him to burn in the cage when they were first captured. Arya names the tickler who is the torturer at Harrenhal as her first victim. Later the tickler is found dead with his neck broke. Two more to name. Jon and the other Night Watch are looking for Mance Ryker's camp and come upon an outpost. Jon volunteers for the mission to kill the men at the outpost so to not to alarm Mance. At first the Commander, Lord Mormont tells him that stewarts don'd go out with rangers but then consents. To Jon's amazement, Sam volunteers to take over his duties, even with his fear of the Old Bear. Theom Greyjoy is still the laughing stock of the Iron Islands, he hasn't prove himself to be worthy of respect. He hatches a plan that involves his host of Winterfell. Bran is acting Lord of Winterfell as is very good for a nine year old in court with the northern subjects when news of Torrence Square, 100 of miles away is under siege, so Bran sends Ser Rodrik with most of Winterfell guards to help. Later, he tell the wilding girl, Osha of his dreams with the tree eyed raven. The three eyes signifies third sight so when he tells her of the ocean coming over the walls of keep and flooding the castle with the dead floating, you can tell she knows something and not telling him. Tyrion finds out of his sister is amassing wild fire that the alchemist are making so visits the makers. Bronn doesn't believe that this is a good idea to have this under Kings Landing but Tyrion loves the idea. He tells the master to stop making them for Cercei and make them for him. The people of Kings Landing are under duress with the war impending upon them, so some rabble rousers are egging some on the towns people from a soap box condeming Joffrey of corruption and greed, naming him the rotten king. After twhat he did to his birthday present, Tyrion has dismissed Joffrey as a king and now worries about the rest of them in the future onslaught of Stannis Baratheon's siege of Kings Landing. Davos has worries about Stannis with him having accepted magic to win his throne. Davos is loyal to the King Stannis but not to Melisandre who he feels will be their downfall. She is a foreigner who they will say won the throne for Stannis , so he suggests keeping her away from the siege of Kings Landing and Stannis reluctantly agrees. This season is so exciting and I have been reading the book, A Clash of Kings along with watching the HBO series. There are some discrepancies with the sequence of events and the scene where the events happened but the characters are the same. Unlike True Blood, there isn't any made up characters from the writers of the show. The books are long and the writers have to condense the books for the series but leave the main events intact.