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Thursday, July 21, 2011

True Blood Season 4 episode 3 RECAP

Another great episode with Sookie Stackhouse who has a house guest, Eric Northman.  He has amnesia from the witches.  The hidyhole that Eric built will now be used to hide him from his enemies.  The faerie blood causes him to wonder what she is.  He loves the way she smells. The faerie blood the reason why she doesn't get hooked on Vamp blood like the rest of the populace. King Bill gave true death to a vamp who was caught sucking blood on camera. Bill and Portia have a business relationship that she wants to make it with benefits, like sex.  Jessica confesses to Hoyt about feeding on another guy at Fangtasia and has a fight then she does the unthinkable and glamours Hoyt into forgetting it happened.
Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus are afraid of Eric's wrath. 
Jason is still captive of the hotshot clan of were-panthers. He becomes a brood mare for the clan. Crystal and Felton want him to turn so to pregnant all the women of the clan.  They need fresh blood to breed true. Crystal is really crazy just like Felton.
Poor Andy is pathetic, hooked on V and behaving like a real ass-hole. He gets on Sam's case for catching him after downing some V.
Sookie visits Alcide for a favor in looking after Eric for her and finds our he's back with Debbie who suppose to have changed.  She cleaned up but there is a reason for bring her back.  In the book, Debbie is jealous of Sookie and tries to kill her but Sookie does kill her with Eric's help. Alcide still has feeling for her even if in a brotherly way.
Tommy is living with Hoyt's mother.  Tommy has issues with being dishonest but I think he's a product of his terrible life with his real parents.  Tommy wants to con Maxine to sell her house because of natural gas on her property.  Tommy and Sam have relationship problems.
Tara asks Sookie to talk to Eric about Lafayette.  Sam and Tara make peace with a shot of Tequila while Lafayette goes to Fangtasia.  Tara and Jesus rescue Lafayette from Pam with a gun with wooden bullets. Pam gives them 24 hours to find Eric and change the spell.
Marnie tries to channel the witch from the past.  She doesn't see how dangerous this can be but see the power this spirit gives her.

Claudine tries to take Sookie back to faerie but Eric grabs her and sucks her dry.  Is this the real Claudine or a glamoured faerie?  Claudine was shut in Faerie when the Queen closed the borders.

Monday, July 4, 2011

True Blood Season 4 episode 2 RECAP

Hey, all you fang bangers who love True Blood, wasn't that episode great.  It has taken 2 episodes for background information to get to the 4th book.
Jason is being held captive by Crystal and Felton.  They are trying to turn Jason into a were-panther so Crystal can get pregnant.  Andy Bellefleur has scored some V from the Hotshot which is a small were community unbeknown to the rest of Bon Temps.  Sookie is still upset with Eric who bought her house and wanting possession of her. Tara is back from New Orleans to visit Sookie and Lafayette.  Lafayette is in the witch coven with boyfriend, Jesus Velasquez.  The coven leader wants to use their powers on a human. That's when Eric is told by King Bill to go over to the coven and break it up.  We find out how Bill was able to defeat Queen Sophie-Anne, he had help from Nan, PR vampire.  As Eric burst into the meeting of the witches, Marnie the leader of the coven starts to chant and the coven reluctantly gather with held hands.  She does a spell on Eric who later is seen walking half naked down the streets of Bon Temps when Sookie drives by him.  Eric has lost his memory.  Hoyt is beaten by pickers against vampires at Fangtasia. Later he has a fight with Jessica over her wanting to use her vamp blood to help speed up recovery.  She drives to Fangtasia than hooks up with a fangbanger.  She is caught with the guy in the bathroom by Sookie. Sookie has been waiting for Eric. 

Yes, fans I think the next episodes will have the fourth book in them. Will Sookie fall for amnesia Eric like in the book? Will the weres fight with the vampires against the Necromancing witch coven?  This looks to be another great season on True Blood.