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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

True Blood, Season 6, 1-6 episodes

I am totally blown away on this season's True Blood. It continues from last season but adds a new storyline. The Govenor of Lousianna has issued marshal law against the vampires, with the bombing of the True Blood factories, vamps have been going crazy and have been killing the folks for sustainance. 

In season 5, Sookie finds out she has been sold a long time ago, to an old  vampire Worlo. Sookie's ancestor signed his next fae female to Worlo for some kind of payment. Bill has drank Lillith's blood and had become a God, so we thought. Vampires and locals of Bon Temp, tried to rescue Bill at the Authorities, only to find he didn't need help. Tara is a vampire since being turned by Pam and they have a relationship that of parent and child but also as two lesbian vampires. Luna died last season posing as Steve Newlin then shifts while on the tv and Sam promises to keep her daughter, Luna safe from the werewolves. Andy Bellefleur, local sheriff, had a one night stand with a faerie and she gave him four daughters.  Andy's cousin, Terry, killed his ex-comrad from the Marines because of a curse that was on the platoon in Afghanistan. Lafayette, is able to communicate with the dead and has used his powers to help a few of his friends.

I think I'm caught up so on to this season.
Jason hitchhikes for a ride after being left to walk from the Authority building and is pick up by an older man.  Niall, is Jason and Sookie's great great great and so on fae grandfather who is trying to kill Warlow. Jason takes Niall to Sookie's where they try to plan on how to kill Warlow when he comes through from another dimension. Niall finds blood from the fae safe house in the woods. All of the fae were killed and he suspects Warlow. The blood glows which is odd for a vampire. 
We finally meet Worlow and of course, he's good looking and can play the innocent. He is an anomaly and has lived a very long existence. Worlow wants Sookie for his wife but he must turn her. Sookie meets him when walking to Merlotte's and he introduces himself as a halfing fae, Ben.  Ben tries to date Sookie but she just isn't ready for romance yet.  Jason see's Warlow on Sookies couch and thinks and so we're lead to believe  Sookie is besotted but we'll know how much so next episode.
Bill has been turned into an apostle of Lilith, the first Vampire when he drank her blood last season.  He's trying to save his race from extinction. He has had some visions that reveals many being tortured. Lilith has set him on a quest to save vampires but there are still questions about where the storyline is going. Bill has his own research going on, get fae blood to infuse to vampires so they can walk in the daylight. He had Jessica kidnap the inventor of true blood so to have the scientist help the vampires with combining their blood with the fae blood. Bill also kidnapped Andy's daughters to do experiments on their blood. Jessica went crazy on their fae aroma while keeping them captive and drained them dead. He is now Lillith in proxy and with a twist of fate meets her first progenie, Worlo. He feels his pan as Sookie is trying to kill Worlo with her light. So Bill commands Worlo and takes him to his lab at his house. The doctor helps induce a trance in Bill so he can commune with Lillith, She commands Bill to help her vampires now upon awakening, Bill takes drastic measures and drink the vial of Worlow blood. 

Eric kidnaps the Governor's daughter then turns her with hope that she can change the attitude of her father's, he hates vampires.  In reality I think he turned Willow to screw with the Burell. But she later goes to the "research vampire camp" that her father is funding with tax dollars. The Governor, Truman Burell, also set up a True Blood synthetic plant to be able to spread a vampire virus that his scientists developed.
Bill is able to walk in the light and goes to confront Burell.  Bill becomes madden when Burell commands his guards to protect him then Bill shows is powers and kills the governor. 
Pam is captured for violation of curfew by the police and sent to the "camp". She is interviewed the camp psychiatrist where she reveals some knowledge about the vampire race. Tara and Eric get themselves captured in order to rescue Pam.

Hopefully that caught you up to this Sunday's episode. I might have forgotten some details but I gave you the main jess of it.