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Monday, October 8, 2012

Will I be able to finish, A Storm of Swords, Book 3 of the Game of Thrones Saga

I have been trying to finish book 3 and pretty much stopped where I was the first time reading this book.  George R R Martin has decimated the House of Starks in this book and dispersed the remaining family members to far away distances that I wonder when they'll be able to be together again.
Spoiler alert, he does kill of one character that most hated anyway but the plot plugs at a slower rate than the other two previous books.  We still don't know who the Others are yet and why the dead come to life but like I said before I haven't finished the book as of yet. Will I ever finish this book? I will try but my mood isn't into reading.
Sometimes you have to be in the right frame of mind to read certain books, like a had to reread the first book of Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and I only read up to the 6th book before I lost interest. He took too long to end the series and had too many characters for my liking.
I haven't posted much on any book of late and I apologize to my readers. I will be better! Keep reading this blog for more updates.

True Blood, Season 5

What the hell is Alan Ball thinking? To catch you up, the vampires have revolted against mainstreaming because of their new religion. Religion again, didn't we have gone through this a few seasons ago with the Fellowship of the Sun. Does Ball have a thing about religion, where is he going with this?
Bill, who was a staunch supporter of mainstreaming had doubts and has embraced this religion based on Lilith. He has killed all his competition in the Authority to be the sole apostle of Lilith and drank all her blood from the sacred vessel so the cliff hanger is Bill turning into a deity.
Where will this lead to next season? Will next season be the war among the vampires and how does Bill being a deity end? So many questions! This season was nothing like the books at all! It wasn't as interesting as the other seasons either. The storyline has changed directions from the books of Charlaine Harris, I wonder how she feels about this season's twist?
How do you all feel about this season of True Blood? Please leave me a comment.