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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Season Finale Episode of True Blood: Total Disaster!

True Blood has come into our lives and now is gone forever. I would be so sad if not for the finale episode was one of the worst I ever watched! Truely, the writers could have come up with a better ending. I will tell you my ideas that would have at least satisfied most of the vigalent viewers.

First scenario would be that Sookie wakes up from a coma and realizes that she had dreamed about vampires. Remember in the first season Sookie is beaten up by the Rattray couple? Bill gives her som some of his blood and saves her life. What if that never happened? Sam could have found her and called 911. 

Second scenario, Bill becomes HUMAN again. He was a God for awhile in season 6 as the chosen one by Lilith, the first vampire.  In the finale, Bill is dying from contractind the EIP V from Sookie but I thought that the Governor who sabotaged all the True Blood drinks wouldn't have wanted to endanger mankind with this disease. I realize that viruses mutate but vampires are dead and not human so you wouldn't think it would jump species. I know I'm getting to technical when this is just make believe, but I do want a little bit of common sense even in a television series. With Sookie being Fae, the disease shouldn't have gotten it and who did she contract it from? It wasn't revealed in the episode and remember she was able to hear Bill's thoughts when she never could listen to the minds of vampires. I was disappointed when she helped in his suicide.

I like the ending of the book series by Charlaine Harris, Sookie realizes that she has always loved Sam and Sam has always loved her so they end up together in the finale book. She has had many difficult relationships with vampires in the book. In the book series Sookie and Eric Northman are a couple but he later gets betrothed to another vampire. So Sookie turns to Sam. I know that in the television show, Sam has a pregnant girlfriend, Nicole who is human and leaves Bon Temps with her so to raise their child in a less chaotic place.

So in conclusion I just have to say to all television series writers of television shows that were based on a popular sci-fi/fantasy books is don't be in a hurry to to tell the final episode.  The ending needs to make sense to the audience. I know there has to be creative license but the finale of True Blood was a disaster, very sloppy and hastily written. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

An After Look of Denver Comic Con 2014

Logo property of Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con 2014 ended with a roar, what a great place for cosplay, sitting in panels, seeing celebrities, and buying great stuff at the trade show.

This years comic con was very large compared to recent years. It has grown exponentially since inception 3 years ago. Yes, this comic con is very young compared to other cities. It's also the only one that is associated with a community charity, Comic Book Classroom.

Trade show area.
Trade show area.

It was three day full of cosplay, panels, trade show, and comic book art.  I went to a few of the Doctor Who panels but missed the 75th Anniversary of Batman with guest panelist, Adam West, Bruce Ward, and Julie Newmar.

The Doctor Who panels were with Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor and Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor. It was funny as well as informative.  They answered questions from the audience and both were quite humorous with funny banter.

My grandson who is an expert on the Classic Doctor Who trivia was a panelist on two panels: Big Finish Audio and Life Lesson from the Doctor. He did a marvelous job in his knowledge of Doctor Who and in his ability to address the audience.

The trade show was very impressive with such a large selection of vendors that it was overwhelming. The artist alley was more subdued but impressive with the artist of Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors on hand drawing new covers for their comics. I watch them both online. This is the first time I've seen them in comic book form.

There was a display from Weta Experience, a five-time award conceptual and effects company from New Zealand was there to showcased art, collectibles, prop replicas, and merchandise from Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, The Adventures of Tintin, The Chronicles of Narnia, District 9, Elysium and other films.  There was a life size replicas of Gandalf, Thorin, and Azog, the Orc Chieftain.


Dark Lords of the Sith.

Futurama: Amy Wong, Leela, and Fry

Corpse Bride characters.

Doctor Who.

Anime characters of Fooly Cooly.
Darth Vadars.
Boba Fett and other bounty hunters.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Crunchyroll watching anime and Japanese drama

I have really getting into watching anime but it was difficult to find the right source to watch them through.  Netflix has only a small amount of anime and most are older or only has a few seasons. My daughter told me about Crunchyroll where she watches anime on her PC.  I found the Crunchyroll app for iPad to be a wonderful source for watching anime.

Crunchyroll started as an online site for Asian TV in 2008 where fans uploaded their favorite shows this was during height of the free downloading without the licensing.  The owners of Crunchyroll on a trip to Japan were able to convince the largest anime publisher, TV Tokyo, with an offer of direct streaming of Japanese shows. They expressed to the publisher that there was a large fan base in the US who were willing to support the anime industry.

Payment through subscriptions or through adds for free members are distributed on the anime that the viewer watches. Lets say you watch only Naruto then that show will get all the percentage from your subscription or through the ads. In the article I read, it didn't say how much goes to the publishers but it must be good for Crunchyroll has over 40 simulcasts this season. It has become international with less than 50% of total members and there's a gender split of 50-50 among the users.

The Crunchyroll is PC and iOS friendly, just login and you can watch anime anywhere. Once on-site, it's easy to navigate. On the left side is Home, Anime, Drama, search, and settings. On the top of the page, navigated through buttons for popular, simulcast, updates, A-Z, genre, and seasons. The is home where the anime in your que are and your past anime history. 

I really recommend Crunchyroll for viewing the lastest anime coming out of Japan.  

Crunchyroll article- Otaku Journalist blog@


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Angus Wells author of "The GodWars" trilogy

Every now and again I will hunt through my library looking for something to read. I will look through the books searching with my mood, what am I into reading?  I decided on an older series that I haven't read for many years and I forgot what the ending was, Angus Wells, Dark Magic, book one.

Angus Wells wrote two trilogies, the Godwars and The Book of Kingdoms.  The GodWars series,  I think is well written but it follows in the vain of the heroes journey where a mismatch group goes through insurmountable odds to obtain their goal in the end.

The main  character is Calandryll Den Karynth,  the second son of the Domm of Secca who we read early on is a disappointment to his father.  Calandryll's older brother, Tobias is the heir apparent so the Domm decides that his younger son will become a priest as not to be a threat to his elder son's succession.  At this point in the book,  Calandryll is more of a scholar who's head is always in the books rather than a warrior like his elder sibling.

There's a treaty being worked out between Secca and a neighboring city state Aldarin through the ambassador of the latter, Lord Varent den Tarl.  This man will become the instigator to the quest who is also a fair wizard and more.  He enlist Calandryll's help to find a book that has the potential of awaken the war god, Tharn. He tells Calandryll that he wants to destroy the book but I had a hunch there was more to Varent's story. Even though I have read this book in it's entirety, I couldn't remember much of the storyline.

In the meantime Calandryll is shocked to find out that the woman he secretly loves is being bethrothed to his brother and that he will be going to the temple to become a priest.  Before Callandryll knows all this, he seeks out a seer who can foretell his future. She sees him on a life changing path and travel as on a quest with two others.

Through rage and fustration after hearing his fate from his father, Calandryll goes out and ends up in a tavern in the seedy part of town. He meets one of the two in a tavern where he almost gets beat up for not having any money for the wine he drank.  Calandryll is saved by Bracht of Kern, a freesword who later is hired by Varent to help Calandryll's journey to the far reaches in search of the Arcanum.  Later in the book, the third member of the party, Katya of Vanu is added to the quest.

A long time ago the original gods of this world had to entomb their two sons who had been at war with each other after seeing how much devastation this was causing the world. The Arcanum is an ancient book that has spells that can release them from their slumber.

The trilogy follows the three who now have become friends through the ends of their knowledge of the world and back with the finding of the book. Throughout the series it is said that they are pre-destined by the gods. And they do get help from the younger gods who earn their existence to the demise of the slumbering ones.  In the end the questers have to figure how to keep Tharn asleep forever.

Hunter X Hunter, anime

In the last few years I have been really interested in Anime, Japanese Animation. I watch them because of the content, humor, and the Japanese language is interesting. I watch either in subtitles in English or English dubbed. My recent find is Hunter X Hunter watched through Crunchyroll app on iPAd.

Hunter X Hunter is about a young 12 year old boy, Gon who wants to be a hunter like his father. When Gon finds out that his father isn't dead, he sets out to become a hunter. Gon want to find his father so he can ask the question, "why did you leave me?"  The Hunter exam is brutal but along the way  he meets other applicants who become his friends. Each boy hass their own reasons for taking the exam to be a hunter. On a boat to the island Gon meets, Leorio and Kurapika. They inadvertantly join up and save a sailor who goes overboard during a storm. Because of their joint effort they pass a test to go to the next step of the Hunter exam. They later befriend another boy, Killua who is the same age as Gon. 

The first 20 episodes are of the Hunter Exam.  Crunchyroll has 120 episodes for free. 
Hunter X Hunter started out as a manga (Japanese Comic) in March 3, 1998 in Shuesiha magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump. The series is illustrated and written by Yoshihiro Togashi.  Yoshihiro Togashi came up with the name of the manga while watching a variety show, Downtown on the television. The host would repeat his words to get a laugh from the audience. There are 340 chapters published in chapter collection in Japan.

I recommend this anime for all ages who love adventure stories with humor, action, and drama.

Image- copyright Yoshihiro Togashi

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bullet, Anita Blake novel by Laurell K. Hamilton

I have been in a dry spell for my book addiction for many months now. I won a book from Kristen from Fantasy Cafe, a Tad Williams novel "The Dirty Streets of Heaven" but couldn't get into it. I bought another book by an author I have read in the past, Katherine Kerr's "License to Ensorcell" and I couldn't get into that one either. So for Christmas I received as presents, 4 paperback novels, each a continuation of a series.

Bullet is the 2010 novel of Laurell K. Hamilton.   It is the first book I really enjoyed in a long time. It is an Anita Blake novel where she is in a dire situation with her sweeties. It was funny, provocative, violent, and tense, all wrapped into this one book. I have read her Anita Blake series for many years and had gotten bored with it but now I liked this book very much that I read it in a few days.  I know that seems long but in my younger days it would have been hours of me being engrossed by this book. 

For those who have never read any of Laurell K. Hamilton's books, Anita Blake is a necromancer and Vampire Executioner with a Marshall badge. She is really bad-ass. Through a magical circumstance she became bonded to a werewolf, Richard and a Master Vampire of St. Louis, Jean-Claude. Through each man she has developed some of their metaphysicalities, from Jean-Claude a way to feed by way of sex,  it's called the Ardeur, through Richard the awareness of the pack.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves the Anita Blake series. In this book, the shit is hitting the fan again and Anita must help to save her people from the bad guys. The Mother of All Darkness is back again trying to get a body of her own which happens to belong to Anita Blake. To keep her at bay, Anita must pick a Rex (lion king) to bond (sexual) to her Regina (queen), of course, all of this is metaphysical since she doesn't change into a lion. The Mother of All Darkness can beckon to call large cats and Anita has an amalgam within her so maybe she might be able to trump the vamp with the combination of all were-animals within to defeat the threat. And then there's Asher who has so much emotional and sexual needs that he's blackmailing Anita and Jean-Claude by leaving St. Louis to be a Master Vampire in another city.  

Friday, January 31, 2014

Female Science fiction and Fantasy Authors

I was cataloguing my bookcase and I was astonished on how many women authors were on my shelves. I mostly read books from my favorite authors or try new books with similar subject matter or recommended ones. So in the beginning of my addiction, I read mostly male authors such as Asimov, Piers Anthony, Terry Brooks, and so on. But what got me was how men skirted the sex between their characters relationships or at least the ones I read, and I got bored so decided to try someone new.  The first female author I read was Anne McCaffrey, Dragon Flight and I was hooked but wasn't exclusively I still read many male authors at this time. Then I randomly picked up a book to read on a flight to Hawaii, Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K. Hamilton.
I had never read such a violent, sexual, and adult fantasy before nor a vampire book so this blew me away.  Hamilton writes in first person which at the time wasn't a style I read much but it works very well in her stories. I have read most of her books and that started me on my journey of reading female authors. They deal more into the sexual aspect of relationship without getting too much into the romance genre.
There are so many female sci-fi/fantasy authors, it's amazing.  The genre has grown so much from when I started reading them.
Here are some of my favorite authors:

Laurell K. Hamilton- writes about Anita Blake, a Necromancer/Vampire Executioner who through her own magic of raising the dead becomes involved with a vampire, Jean-Claude, the master of the city. not all here books are equal but she is consistent in her writing but there isn't random violence or sex in her Anita Blake series or Merry Gentry series.  Merry Gentry is a private detective whose aunt is the queen of the dark faeries.

Lilith Saintcrow- has two series that I have enjoyed reading, the Dante Valentine and the Jill Kismet books. Both are about bad-ass, headstrong, and independent women.

Ann Aguirre- the Sirantha Jax series about a pilot who is a carrier of the J-gene and can navigate through grimspace.

Tara Harper- has two series about two women who have a bond with an animal and can communicate with them. Both books are futuristic and set in distant planets.

Lisanne Norman-The Sholan series about a human girl who is telepathic and her encounters with an alien race that also is telepathic. The story starts out in a planet settled by humans that later is invaded by an alien race and uses the planet for rest and relaxation for their soldiers.

Kristine Smith-Jani Kilian series where the main character is an officer who because of an accident turns into a human/Idomeni hybrid. There is much government intrigue in this series.

Charlaine Harris- Sookie Stackhouse series are fun books to read. Sookie is a telepath who thinks of herself is a freak until she meets her first vampire. I was at first disappointed when it was made into a HBO series since it didn’t follow the books but now I love it and think of it as a separate entity.

Rob Thurman- Not a man but Robyn. She’s the author of the Cal Leandros series, he’s half Auphe, old world creatures that are bloodthirsty and human. He lives with his half-brother, Niko who is a martial arts expert. They become detectives for the supernatural.

Anne McCaffrey-Love her Pern series about human space settlers on the planet who genetically engineer the local animal into flying dragons to counter the threat of an alien organism, Threads.

It's quite apparent that women sci-fi/fantasy authors are just as competent as men in writing in the genre.