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Monday, May 19, 2014

Crunchyroll watching anime and Japanese drama

I have really getting into watching anime but it was difficult to find the right source to watch them through.  Netflix has only a small amount of anime and most are older or only has a few seasons. My daughter told me about Crunchyroll where she watches anime on her PC.  I found the Crunchyroll app for iPad to be a wonderful source for watching anime.

Crunchyroll started as an online site for Asian TV in 2008 where fans uploaded their favorite shows this was during height of the free downloading without the licensing.  The owners of Crunchyroll on a trip to Japan were able to convince the largest anime publisher, TV Tokyo, with an offer of direct streaming of Japanese shows. They expressed to the publisher that there was a large fan base in the US who were willing to support the anime industry.

Payment through subscriptions or through adds for free members are distributed on the anime that the viewer watches. Lets say you watch only Naruto then that show will get all the percentage from your subscription or through the ads. In the article I read, it didn't say how much goes to the publishers but it must be good for Crunchyroll has over 40 simulcasts this season. It has become international with less than 50% of total members and there's a gender split of 50-50 among the users.

The Crunchyroll is PC and iOS friendly, just login and you can watch anime anywhere. Once on-site, it's easy to navigate. On the left side is Home, Anime, Drama, search, and settings. On the top of the page, navigated through buttons for popular, simulcast, updates, A-Z, genre, and seasons. The is home where the anime in your que are and your past anime history. 

I really recommend Crunchyroll for viewing the lastest anime coming out of Japan.  

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