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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

True Blood- Can't wait!

Listened to a True Blood podcast and found it lacking for my attention span so then I went on Youtube to watch some True Blood promotions for season 3. I then watch a few episodes from last season on my laptop. As I watch the show I realized I had forgotten some scenes from last season. It was like I was watch them a new.
I forgot about the scene when Lafayette gets blood from Eric and becomes all hyped up. I was able to listen more attentively than when I watch them before. There wasn't any distractions since I had my earbuds on and could pause anytime I wanted.
I now can't wait for next season. I found out who was to play Alcide the werewolf and I hope the character is portrayed as in the book. I wanted Sookie and Alcide to become a couple but that never happen at least not yet.

Who is going to play Alcide nasty girlfriend and will Tara be at the Club Dead with a vampire boyfriend? Probably not, I just wonder how the third book will be played in the series.

In the book, sookie has been dumped by Bill which we know didn't happen last season so how does she get over Bill? She meets her next love in the third book, Quinn, the weretiger. Quinn is a very tall, bald, seductive man who she gets to know better in a later book. I thought of him in lines with Vin Diesel myself, that's who I pictured when I was reading the book.

Tara has become a main character in the series that I haven't a clue what they will do with her in this season. She lost her love, Bugs, last season so will she be vulnerable to a vampires wiles? She is a messed up character but does have much potential.

Sam is another messed up character who never really gets over Sookie as his potential love interest. His character never is fully developed in the books, he's become a tight friend of Sookie's who is there when she needs him.

We wish they kept the character Bubba, who we know is really Elvis! He has a crucial part in the third book. We shall see all soon enough I guess.