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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Book Review of "Extintion: A Col Sec novel by Jan Domagala"

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Extinction is the 5th book in the Col Sec series by Jan Domagala. The story is a bridge between Jan Domagala’s Retribution novel and next book, Resurrection.  The Recon Delta headed by General Sinclair is on another vital mission, saving the world from a computer virus. 

The background story is 25 years earlier in a research facility on Tarsus II.  The head of research at this lab is Doctor Henkel, who was in charge of developing a program that stimulates certain areas of the brain via the NI. Most citizens in this universe have NI, a neural implant that gives them direct access to computer databases and communications. But  this program was coded to search other NI and link with it then download the program. It became viral that any infected person can transfer the program to any others with a NI implant.  This virus was designed to make the super soldier with increased testosterone and endorphins but it also increases aggression to the point of uncontrollable rage. To contain the computer virus the research facility was abandoned and put under quarantine with no one allowed to enter.  

While in Col Sec, Jonas Wilde leader of OMEGA, used his security clearance to delve into the sensitive files and found out about the project on Tarsus II.  The action begins with OMEGA infiltrating the Tarsus II facility. They plan to release the virus via an array that is connected to the computer. Once the array is functional it will then target the military base on Tarsus Prime with the intention of the virus spreading throughout the human population.  Alarms are triggered and the base leaps into action. The only problem is that only a handful of top personal know about the severity of what the facility on Tarsus II holds. General Sinclair is alerted and quickly notifies one of his Recon Delta teams which happens to be on Tarsus Prime. They are  looking for a new candidate to join Red Team.  Will they be able to save the world? Read Extinction to find out.

Extinction is a shorter read than the previous books of Jan Domagala and it isn’t as fast paced either but the action picks up towards the end the book.  There are new characters in this book but I feel they will be in other stories of Domagala’s Col Sec series.   I would like to see more character development but I realize that these books are crisis driven stories with little time to really know the main players.  Domagala gives enough background information that Extinction could be read as a stand alone book.  I recommend this book because it’s a good science fiction story with action.