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Monday, April 2, 2012

Season 2 Game of Thrones, The North Remembers

Last night was the 2nd season premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO. It was stunning as last seasons with the continuing story of A Song of Ice and Fire with Book Two, A Clash of Kings. With King Robert dead, the throne is contested by all sides, Robb Stark wants to avenge his father who was beheaded for treason, the Lannisters hold the crown with King Joffrey who is the incestuous son with Queen Cersei and her twin Jaime, Stannis Baratheon thinks he's the rightful heir.
The Starks are separated with Sansei is in the capital with Joffrey as his betrothed, Arya is hiding as a boy with a group of men heading for the Wall, Bran who was crippled when he was tossed out a window when he saw the Queen and her brother having sex is now acting as the Lord of Winterfell, and then Catelyn their mother is with Robb as one of his council of war.
Tyrion is council to the King Joffrey which is a thorn is the Queen side as she plays regent in the daily workings of the kingdom. Sir Jaime is been captured by the opposing side is caged like an animal. Robb is using him as a game piece for exchange of his sisters.
Daenerys Targaryen is leading refugees across the desert she  lost her husband  Khal Drogo but gained dragons but her new found people are starving looking for a place of their own.
Jon Snow who was sent off to the Wall.  His fellow brothers are now looking Benjen Stark deep into the forest. The wildling settlement is full of women who are married to their father, the men stay the night gathering information.
Stannis Baratheon knows about the incest of the Lannisters and there's a woman who encourages him in the pursuit of the crown.  We don't know who this woman is but she has power over Stannis and his people.
Littlefinger or Petyr Baelish, Master of the Coin for the Kingdom also knows about the Queen and her children but he has an accomplished enemy in Cersei. She knows of her late husbands infidelity and in the end has all his illegitimate offspring killed except one escapes with the men Arya is traveling with.  

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