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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recap on the Game of Thrones, HBO series season 2

Sorry about not writing the last episodes of the Game of Thrones but I'll try to recap some now. Let's start with the Starks, Catelyn was with her son Robb with his campaign to Kings Landing for the murder of his father, Ned Stark. Robb sends her to talk alliance with Renly Baratheon, who is the self proclaimed King. She is now a hostage. Sansai is still at King's Landing with Joffrey the child King, she is also a hostage/betrothed to said king. She also being abuse by him, in front of the court. Arya is on the move with Yoren, Black Brother of the wall. Last episode her band of wayward men were captured by the Mountain's (Gregor Clegane) men and ended at Harrenhal where all are being tortured and killed. She is found out as a girl by Tywin Lannister. Bran is still at Winterfell as acting lord while at night dreaming of being a wolf. Robb is now proclaimed King of the North and has won some battles and has captured Jaime Lannister, who is also a hostage for further exchange. Robb decimates one of the foes when walking the grounds he comes upon a nurse who is tending the enemy. His foot is badly hurt and doesn't want it amputated. Robb uses this as vengeance by having the nurse saw away at the ankle. The nurse and Robb have words, she knew his reason for vengeance and puts the blame right where it belong on Robb's conscience.

Tyrion Lannister, the so called Imp is one of my favorite characters, he is now acting as Hand to the King in the stead of his father, Tywin who is leading a campaign against the Starks and the 2 Baratheon brothers. He cleans up after King Joffrey but in doing so has made an enemy. Joffrey has a sadistic streak and Tyrion knows that the boy needs a mature cool head about him. Censei Lannister Baratheon is Queen Regent to the King but she can't rein in her spoiled angry son. Jaime Lannister is in a cage at Robb Starks camp.

Renly has married Margaret as his queen, the Knight of Flowers sister as a show of normalcy. Margaret has ambition, she knows about her brother Loras, who is the lover of the king. She doesn't care, just wants a baby as the heir if Renly wins the throne. Stannis Baratheon, seconds brother to the deceased King Robert is also vying for the throne. He believes that the children of Censei are not Robert's but through incestuous affair with her brother, Jaime. Stannis has a witch, Melisandre who foretells of his winning the throne against all odds, he has less men to field in a battle but he does have many ships. Davos, he was once a smuggler who Stannis chopped his fingers as a sign of his loyalty. He was knighted by Stannis and has his ear. Renly and Stannis have words under truce, Stannis gives him 24 hrs to give up crown and ally with him. Meanwhile Davos smuggles Melisandre to shore where she does some black magic. She is pregnant with a black being who crawls out of her womb then grows into something. Won't know till next week on that. Daenerys has sent out riders to find a place for her small band of Dorthraki. One rider came back dead and all hope was on the others she sent. Another comes back with news about a port city, Qarth. The city is walled and is called the city of bones. They are suspicious of the Dorthraki at first, they want to see Daenerys dragons. She refuses but after much posturing on her part, one citizen steps up and they are now his responsibility.

Jon and the men of black where in the hospitality of a wildling. The camp was odd for there were no boys around just females. Jon finds out that the wildling patriarch puts the boy babies out into the woods where something takes them. They have been kicked out and on the move again looking for Benjen Stark.

Lord Baelish is at the Renly Baratheon camp and c Is up to no good as usual. I hate his character, you don't know the truth of him for he is full of half truths just like the eunuch, Varys. Lord Baelish tries to persuade Catelyn of his non duplicity in Ned beheading, at first she wants to kill him, until he spouts one of his half truths about the safety of her daughters, Sansa and Arya. Then he gives her a box that contains Ned's remain as a goodwell token.

The HBO series doesn't always follow the book in order of events or in dialogue but it is as riveting all the same with superb actors and realistic scenery. Keep watching, each episode is addicting.

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