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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rob Thurman "Blackout"

When I first read Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros series, I really thought it was written by a man. I liked it so much, I have read the whole series of 6 books. The series centers around a young man, Cal Leandros, who is part human and part Auphe, they are a race of destruction and were the oldest race on earth.  His older brother, Niko Leandros, is full human.  Their mother bargained with the Auphe for monetary gain and gave birth to Cal. Niko has always been Cal's mother, father, brother and all around keeper.  Cal was abducted by the Auphe, what seemed to him, for two years but in our reality a few months.
The books cronical his life after their mother's death and they move to New York City where they find all kinds of monsters.  They eventually become partners in a monster extermination business with a fawn named Goodfellow who owns a used car lot.
In "Blackout", Cal looses his memory and that's when the plot twist and turns.  A good book that I recommend for newbies to Rob Thurman or for those who haven't read "Blackout"

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