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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jekyll, a 2007 British mini-series on Netflex

I am bored with network television so I cruise Netflix to find shows to watch. I found this really cool old BBC show form 2007, Jekyll, a modern day version of "Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".
The show stars, James Nesbitt who portrays, Tom Jackman the Dr Jekyll and Hyde his alter-ego. Tom Jackman is a married man who has 2 young twin boys, at the start of the series he has a understanding with Hyde.  The understanding pertains to the fact that Jackman blacks out during the Hyde episodes so there's a need to communicate so Jackman devises a way of keeping tabs on Hyde.  First he moved out of his home and family to keep them safe, then in his flat he has a super security system, and a chair with constraints. He also carries a recorder at all times, in his form or Hyde the communication is suppose to go both ways. We find Hyde a child in a mans body who doesn't know cultural and moral right or wrong. Who many times doesn't use the recorder and Jackman "wakes up" not knowing where Hyde parked the car.
Jackman hires a woman to help with the dealings of his predicament, but she has secrets that aren't revealed till later in the series.
I hated the ending, it made no sense to me. Spoiler Alert! We find out that the woman who was after him is his mother. None of the question you have are really answered. Way to go Moffat, couldn't write a clean ending.  But in all the mini-series was reveting until the end.

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