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Friday, May 24, 2013

Denver Zombie Crawl

If you are ever in Denver around Halloween a must event to attend is the Denver Zombie Crawl. I have been to two of them and had fun dressed as a zombie. At the  2011 Denver Zombie Crawl, I was zombified along with fellow family members, my daughter, sister, and grandson. My grandson decided to go as Dr. Strangepunk, a inter dimensional traveler who discovered the cure for the zombie affliction, my sister and I were his patients who were cured and we no longer craved brains but we were still rotting then my daughter was his crazy assistant.
It is such fun to watch the gathering of people dressed as their favorite zombie or monster. There was a family dressed up as Vikings, there were also many ninjas, the Ghostbusters have made an appearance on year, and there are many who aren't zombies but just walking the mall gawking at the shufflers. It's a great event before Halloween for us adults to dress down and parade our ugliness.
Dr. Strangepunk, his assistant, and
a Steampunk ex-zombie.

Parking can be difficult but if you go early there shouldn't be any problems.  Once there, downtown Denver is amassed with zombies shuffling down the 16th St Mall some looked professionally made up while others could take a lesson or two on applying makeup. Earlier in the day there are family-friendly events that lead up to the zombie parade. It is estimated that each year the event out numbers the past years in zombie attendance.


The local businesses welcome the patronage and are happy to serve any zombie, monster, or human.

Enjoy the Denver Zombie Crawl, and have fun in full costume!

16th Street Mall
Zombie bananas, O My!

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